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Things to do in Lourdes: shopping, nightlife and travel information

August 5, 2020

Lourdes is a small spiritual city. Crossed by the Gave de Pau River, it is located in the south-west of France. The city is famous with its observations of the Virgin Mary. The city is surrounded by a sacred atmosphere. Millions of pilgrims visit the city all year round. The city has a quiet life. The people of the city are very honest and spiritual.

Lourdes is a beautiful city where you can spend your holidays perfectly. It is a place where you can enjoy a relaxing and peaceful stay. Getting to a beautiful paradise now has become a game for a couple of hours. High-speed Eurostar trains also have a link to this location. You can take the train from the international station of St Pancras, London to Paris, after Paris, changing your train to Lourdes can reach your goals. Believe me, it's a quick and comfortable trip.

Lourdes is a charming city with the scent of sacred life. A visit to all points of interest gives you a new experience of life. This is the spiritual people, but with it, there are many other interesting points to see.

Points of interest to see in Lourdes

Cinema Type: it is a great cinema in the city. Here you can watch Hollywood movies. Here you can also go through the life of the saints and events in the city.

The Basilica of the Rosary: it is a beautiful place in the city. This is the main part of the sanctuary of Madame de Lourdes.

Moulin Blackburn: situated on the street Subbolin Bernadette. This is the birthplace of Bernadette-Birdhouse.

Pyrene Museum: nestled near the fortress of the castle. It has a world-class collection of monuments, culture and the traditional people city.

Outdoor Healing: situated on the way to the forest. It's a church and a beautiful pond. Describe The history of the city.

The Dungeon: housed in the small pits. It's an amazing building in the city.

Magic Grotto: located on the Esplanade of the Rosary. It is a beautiful cave dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Light Torch Procession: very interesting the Torch Procession, known all over the world, must visit in our tourist agent, essential.

Holy Night: the city also hosts the Holy Night. Here you can get peace of mind. Events, such as prayer, reading the Scriptures made all night long. In all religions, nights dedicated to God.

Shops to buy in Lourdes

Lourdes offers famous shops, shopping malls, and shopping malls. This is the best place to buy books and spiritual objects.

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