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Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Santiago's road What one must understand about Santiago de Compostela. To set out on the way to Santiago de Compostella/ Saint-Jacques de Compostelle is a spiritual adventure - for on the Camino we could draw on the imprinted energy of the countless pilgrims that have actually passed by doing this before us over numerous centuries. For the Method of St James has existed for greater than a thousand years, and in 1993 the Camino de Santiago was proclaimed a world heritage website.

The Method of St James is composed of several pilgrim paths which go across Europe, to merge in the Pyrenées prior to traversing Spain. Our forefathers made their visit to Santiago making use of the sunlight, moon and also celebrities for navigation - certainly the Method is in some cases also...leer más more

Ski vacations in France: world-class choice for all

ski in FranceWhen you are planning a ski holiday in France, but have not had an idea in terms of where and what is the best option, here are some details and an overview of the options you might consider while traveling to the world-famous ski and snowboarding.

With the different areas of the Highlands and mountains in France, it's no wonder if a ski stay in France is one of the most popular options when it comes to planning a ski and snowboard vacation. Although some reports mention that France is a little behind in terms of the development of the ski infrastructure they completely because they have now definitely made for the surrounding countries if they do not exceed in providing facilities of quality and facilities in a variety of ski resorts. The ski holidays in France can be made in most....leer más more

Visit El Escorial - The Palace of Escorial

El EscorialSpain is well-known for the discovery and conquest of the cruise, the literary heroes like Don Quijote, as well as the famous cuisine that has affected eating habits today around the world.

It is also famous for its famous historic site that has gained UNESCO World Heritage site. One of these sites is the Palace of El Escorial in the Northwest of Spain.

Palacio del Escorial or the Royal Monastery of El Escorial to give it its official name is located in the arid mountains of Guadarrama, about 45 km from Madrid, capital of Spain. It was completed in 1584, was built by order of Philip II. The vast complex that housed a monastery, Royal palaces, museums, schools and tombs for more