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Holidays Formentera, Balearic Islands

March 8, 2020

Formentera Island in the Balearic Islands Formentera, which is suspended on a cliff at 120 meters, is one of the islands that make up the communities of the Balearic Islands, along with Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca. If you know of the existence of Jules Verne (author of "Journey to the Center of the Earth") or Bob Dylan, this was the island that caught them.

Its main activity is tourism, exploiting its paradisiacal beaches, being an oasis of tranquility where the days become slow and nature sneaks in every corner, due to its wide variety of fauna and flora. Thus, Fomentera becomes in a certain way in the antithesis of Ibiza which is known for its Crazy night life.

Another important aspect is the seabed, which houses the most emblematic Posidonia extensions of the Mediterranean, so going diving would be an excellent idea for our travellers.

And not to mention the lighthouse of Fomentera, which contains a lot of history and offers a beautiful view of the whole island. Moreover, its ruins, its caves and its sunsets next to the wonderful landscape, oblige the tourist to travel every corner to enjoy it.

In this place you can find markets, narrow streets, its rural and hospitable hotels, shops, restaurants, and cafes, with a spectacular view to the super blue beaches considered the most beautiful and the best in Europe and around the world.

As who says, Fomentera is a spiritual space, where you come to rebuild lives and renew energies. It is quite an inspiration, but this without leaving aside that they still celebrate many festivities, festivals and concerts held in the town square.

But, unfortunately, it's hard to get to it, one of the few ways to get to the island is by boat from Ibiza. And once you're in it, the best way to ride it is by bike or motorbike.

Its gastronomy is very homely but the way to attract customers to their small restaurants are very ingenious. For example, the Pirate bus, which, literal, is a ramshackle bus transformed into a bar, curiously created by pirates.

However, it has vineyards with traditional cultivated varieties. Its wines and beverages reflect the spirit of the island, with colorful and light-filled designs.

Formentera highlights the rural with a touch of magic, in the middle of nowhere, where the singing of the birds is what wakes you up in the morning. So what do you expect to go?

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