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8 Essential travel tips for safety

April 29, 2020

Leganes to Madrid highway The trip can be exciting and frightening at the same time. When you travel to some destinations for the first time, follow the eight essential travel safety tips is to make sure you have a safe and happy trip.

Choose your ground transportation with a

When you travel by tricycle, taxis or buses with the company as your safe mode of transportation, try to avoid unreliable transportation like tricycles. When driving your own car, check if you rent a good-performance always carry a safety belt while driving.

Consult with departments

You know you can collect all the security information from any country in the State Department. You can visit their website and get specific details about the country you are visiting. You can find all kinds of information of different types of offenses, vaccinations, travel warnings and weather depending on the date of the year. It is also important the time zone of the place we visit, as there may be changes in relation to our place of residence. You can sign up with them in case there is a natural disaster or civil unrest you can take it back home.

Review the route of escape Hotel

Let's be honest when we check in our Hotel room; We are interested in seeing the facilities and panoramic views of our room, instead of reading a security card located at the back of the door. But before it is done, we suggest you read the emergency escape route, because if there is an emergency, then you will be delighted to know where to go.

Leave the emergency contact

Go on holiday chill out sounds like fun, but that doesn't mean you disappear into the world. Leave your contact number, where you are traveling to the hotel where you stayed and when you will be back with friends or a trusted family member; Try to contact him once a day, so if something unusual happened with you, they will know.

Scan your important documents

Before heading to travel, it is best to scan your Passport, ID card and SIM card you can keep it on your smartphone or email it to your account. In this way, if you go out and you have to show your passport to the existing hotel then you can indicate who explored.

Confirm to the visitor with the hotel reception

You are in your Hotel room, and there was a knock at the door, someone from the homes to clean your room. Before you allow this person to enter, call the front desk and ask if they sent someone from the house, you never know that the thief can enter your room pretending to come from the maintenance department.

Don't show your money

Keep your valuables such as jewelry and money in a safe or in your wallet, while paying your bills does not leave a lot of tipping or showing your money. Although when you travel there is a strong need to take pictures with your smartphone, try not to go out as often as possible because there are a lot of thieves around people who like to steal from other people's mobile phones.

Maintain a spare car equipment

When driving a car or rented one for a road trip, make sure you have packed the car emergency kit. This emergency kit must include a flashlight, batteries, first aid kits, blankets, bottled water and canned food, spare batteries for phones, measuring tires and shoveled snow.

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