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13 cities to visit in Spain

April 25, 2020

Princesa Street With more than 83 million tourists a year (figures of the year 2019), Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world. In Spain, you can enjoy all kinds of tourism. It may already be the typical Sun and beach, mountain, cultural or gastronomic. In this article we will see 13 cities to visit in Spain.

Directory of cities to visit in Spain


Plaza Mayor Undoubtedly the capital of Spain attracts a significant number of tourists, whether they are national or from other countries. You can enjoy all kinds of activities. From go to a flamenco show, watch a football match, watch a play or enjoy the typical gastronomy of Madrid, such as cocido madrileño.

Aranjuez (Madrid)

Royal Palace of Aranjuez in Madrid Aranjuez, also known as Royal seat and village of Aranjuez, It is located a distance of 48 km from Madrid (just 45 minutes by motorway). Municipality of the community of Madrid, is an interesting place to visit the Royal Palace and its gardens. The strawberries and asparagus, which in season you can buy in different positions are very popular.


Alcazar Toledo Toledo is located just 70 kilometres from Madrid. Ideal place for a break of one day from Madrid, thanks to excellent communications has, can already be through bird or highway. Enjoy the historic area of Toledo, Alcázar, the bridge of San Martín or the Museo del Greco, where we will return centuries back in time. Taste the cochifrito in a restaurant, is another good option.


Roman aqueduct of Segovia Like Toledo, Segovia is located very near Madrid, specifically at 88 kilometers. The Roman aqueduct of Segovia, built in times of Augustus in the 1st century, is a true symbol of reference the city and worthy of being referred to. During the visit, eat the segovian suckling pig, one of the specialties of the area, is a real delicacy for the stomach.


Avila city walls Ávila is another Madrid-bordering cities. It belongs to the autonomous community of Castilla y León and is a mere 110 kilometers away from the capital. The city is surrounded by a Medieval wall. Special gastronomic paragraph mention of Avila t-bone steak, suckling pig and the yolks of Santa Teresa.


Barceloneta beach in Barcelona Located in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, we find the city of Barcelona. The gastronomic paragraph emphasizes the stew with white beans, sausage and their excellent champagnes. During the festivities the realization of human castles is something to admire. Similarly you can enjoy sporting events from football in the stadiums of the Nou Camp and Cornellà - El Prat.


Plaza de España in Sevilla To the South of the Peninsula Iberica and belonging, and capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia, we find Seville. Interesting sites to visit La Giralda, Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza or the Barrio de Santa Cruz. To emphasize in the festive drawing the famous Feria de Abril of Sevilla with diverse attractions and Holy week.


Alhambra of Granada Remaining in the autonomous community of Andalusia, we stand at Granada. The Arab permanency for centuries, is palpable by its artisan tradition. Interesting places to visit are the Cathedral, the House of Manuel de Falla, the Provincial Archaeological Museum, the Palace of the madrasa and of course the Alhambra of Granada, known around the world, which is located in the cerro La Sabika.


Mosque of Cordoba Following in Andalusia, we moved to Córdoba. Its main economic activity is based on tourism and the craft of metal. Temperatures are mild in the winter and very hot in the summer. Its gastronomy is mainly recognized by olive oil, very beneficial for health. Places of interest to visit are the Museum Julio Romero de Torres and the famous mosque of Cordoba.


City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia Valencia has excellent communications, either via AVE or highway. For example a shift from Madrid by road, are barely three hours, to a distance of 350 kilometers. Valencia is very famous for faults (representation of figures of combustible material) that held in the month of March and the Valencian paella, typical dish of the area.

Benidorm (Alicante)

Benidorm beach in Alicante Bordering the Mediterranean sea we find Benidorm. Benidorm is situated in the province of Alicante, which belongs to the Region of Valencia. Site very visited by national tourism and of different nationalities, German, English, French and Italian, thanks to its beaches as Levante and Poniente and its night life related to leisure.

Elche (Alicante)

Scene from the Mystery of Elche Close to Alicante, Elche is located a mere 23 kilometers away. Elche is surrounded by a vast Palm Grove, declared by UNESCO World Heritage of the humanity. Interesting places to visit are the Municipal Archaeological Museum and the Museum of contemporary art. Economic activity focuses on an important production of shoes.


Old town of Salamanca Another of the cities to visit in Spain, is Salamanca. Crossed by the Tormes River, it is located to the West of the Iberian Peninsula. Salamanca is a city of University tradition. Highlights among its museums and monuments the Unamuno House-Museum and the new Cathedral of Salamanca. Its gastronomy is rich in meats, lamb, kid and piglet.

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