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Holidays in Barcelona (Spain)

July 17, 2020

Situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is one of the cardinal tourist centres of Spain. Divided into ten districts, it is one of the country's great architectural treasures.

Barcelona has a population of over 1,600,000 inhabitants, is the second most populous Spanish city and tenth in the European Union. Barcelona has a humid climate, with mild temperatures during the winter and hot during the summer.

Visiting Barcelona, you will find a Romanesque, medieval, Gothic, modern and contemporary style, which combine to give it a particular and interesting touch of authenticity.

The Rambla, the Gothic Quarter, the Olympic Port, Montjuïc, the Agbar Tower, the Güell Park, the Zoo, the Picasso Museum, the Columbus Monument, the Joan Miró Foundation and the Camp Nou (FC Barcelona stadium) are some of the different attractions offered by this city.

Thousands of travellers arrive every year to enjoy, in addition to the varied activities possible to carry out, the organisation and comfort it offers. The accommodation in Barcelona has the right and necessary versatility to guarantee the satisfaction of the guests, independently of the requirements that they demand.

In the same vein, the gastronomy offers an unbeatable opportunity to feel the Mediterranean flavours close by. The most outstanding dishes are the cocido with white beans (including the famous butifarra), crema catalana, charcuterie, cod, rice or the stewed beans.

The Rambla de Barcelona starts in Plaza Catalunya -data from 1858- and has a route of approximately one kilometer downwards towards the sea. It is divided into five sections. The first, called "Rambla de Canaletes", stands out because of the tradition that Barcelona's supporters choose it to celebrate their triumphs.

The "Rambla de Sant Josep" or "Rambla de las Flores", third stretch, is known for its many flower stands. Architecture lovers are recommended to visit the Church of Santa Anna, built in the 12th century, and some 95 Roman tombs that were built in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, as well as the City Hall (seat of the municipal government) and the Wax Museum.

The mountain of Montjuïc offers the best views of the city, parks, the famous Montjuïc Castle (completed in the early 18th century), various museums such as the Joan Miró Foundation and the Olympic facilities. In this sense, when visiting Barcelona, one should not forget the Olympic Port, built for the 1992 Games.

Barcelona has innumerable places in its coffers that seduce the tourists who visit it. To close, it is inevitable to refer to the Expiratory Temple of the Sagrada Familia, designed by the Catalan Antoni Gaudí, also creator of the Casa Milà, currently called "La Pedrera". Popularly known as the "Sagrada Familia", it undoubtedly means the masterpiece of the Spanish architect.

It was started in 1882 in a neo-Gothic style, but in 1883, when Gaudí took the reins of the project, the procedure set out at the beginning was reconsidered. The artist dedicated 40 years of his life to this impeccable work. In 2005, UNESCO included it as a World Heritage Site.

Countless museums, cinemas, theatres, parks, beaches, history, art, culture, gastronomy, zoos, aquariums and above all, his own life, make enjoying a holidays in Barcelona a truly complete and welcoming place for the eyes of its visitors.

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