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Benidorm (Spain)

Dec 14, 2019

Benidorm Spain Due to the natural beauties it possesses, tourism in Benidorm is one of the most outstanding in Spain, in this spa you can enjoy sun beaches, theme parks, walks, etc.

It is a tourist destination of the Valencian Community that is recommended to go during any time of the year.

During the nineteenth century the first tourist activities began to take place, at that time the spa of the Virgen del Suffrage was created.

Also the commercial activity in the area increased the sources of employment and made the population in Benidorm increase and the tourism continued to develop.

In the last decades of the twentieth century, hotels and an airport were being built which increased the arrival of tourists from the rest of Europe.

The island of Benidorm, is one of the most attractive landscapes and hides many legends and myths, also this island is known as Island of the journalists. This one whose form is similar to that of a triangle can be seen from the beach of Benidorm, and it is a destination very coveted by the tourists who want to make water sports like diving.

One of the most visited sites are its beaches, the most popular are Levante and Poniente, but also three smaller ones are very crowded, like for example Mal Pas.

The city has a perfect combination of different tourist attractions, including history, nature, fun and gastronomy, the castle of Guadalest or the corner of Loix, are a clear example of this. If what we want is to enjoy a family outing, we can visit some very entertaining theme parks, among which we can see the theme park Terra Mitica, Aqualandia or Mundomar.

Tourism in Benidorm has increased in recent years, especially of European nationality, which in addition to visiting its excellent beaches, can also know the traditional festivities that are held in Benidorm.

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