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Vacations in the Loire Valley, France

August 3, 2020

Undoubtedly, one of the most charming sites in Europe, for its great natural, cultural and architectural wealth, is the Loire Valley.

Declared a World Heritage Site, the Loire Valley is located in the center of France, and is also known as "the garden of France", for its stunning natural surroundings.

Bathed by the Loire River, in addition to boasting beautiful landscapes, this place is recognized worldwide, for its hundreds of castles, something certainly unpublished and that no other destination on the planet has managed to match.

The Loire Valley is a vast area in the center of France, which is very popular with tourists. Not only does it offer spectacular views, but there are more than 300 castles worthy of a visit with the city and historical churches.


With more than 300 palaces that can be selected in the Loire Valley, it is difficult to know where to start! Some castles are a private house or a hotel, which has just opened its doors to visitors on certain occasions, while many others are dedicated tourist attractions.

Built at the time of the French Renaissance, these majestic buildings are one of the monumental architectural works never seen in other latitudes.

To name them all, it would be impossible for me, but I can mention some of the main ones, they are: Cheverny Castle, Saint Brisson Castle, Amboise Castle, Réaux Castle, Gien Castle, Blois Castle, Chemerolles Castle, Menars Castle, Chambord Castle, Trousay Castle, Chenonceau Castle, Villandry Castle and Lude Castle, just to name a few.

The Loire Valley by bike

If you like cycling, there is a great system in the Loire region that allows you to rent a bike in a city and then restore it to another place. You can follow the suggested route along the riverside or exit the track and explore the countryside.

There is also a recommended place to stay in the cities of interest along the way, from campsites to hotels. The organization will even take care of carrying your luggage to your next destination.

Santa Catalina de Fierbois

In addition to being typical of the beautiful village of France, close to the Great Lakes are ideal for swimming, Sainte Catherine de Fierbois is also a community that is very important in the history of France.

The church is famous for Mukjizatnya and is said to be the place where Joan of Arc was told to find her sword by the voices she heard. The whole town has become a main stop point for pilgrims on the way to Santiago de Compostela and, if you are religious or not, it is

Google map of the Loire Valley

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