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World timetables


Flag of France France / Paris: 06:50:55pm

Flag of England England / London: 05:50:55pm

German flag Germany / Berlin: 06:50:55pm

Flag of Spain Spain / Madrid: 06:50:55pm


Flag of Argentine Argentina / Buenos Aires: 02:50:55pm

Flag of Brazil Brazil / Sao Paulo: 03:50:55pm

Flag of Canada Canada / Toronto: 12:50:55pm

Flag of Uruguay Uruguay / Montevideo: 12:50:55pm

Flag of United States United States / New York: 12:50:55pm


Flag of China China / Shanghai: 01:50:55am

Flag of Japan Japan / Tokyo: 02:50:55am


Flag of Morocco Morocco / Casablanca: 05:50:55pm


Flag of Australia Australia / Sydney: 04:50:55am

Information about am and pm

am means before midday

pm means after midday

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