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Salamanca (Spain): University City

March 4, 2020

streets of the old town of Salamanca Salamanca Spain belonging to the Autonomous community of Castilla y León, Salamanca is located at 829 meters above sea level, and at a distance of 210 km from Madrid and 62 from Zamora. University City of great importance, its population exceeds 160,000 inhabitants.

The city is crossed by the river Tormes, which flows through the south of the city.

Highlights in its gastronomy the hams and sausages (chorizo and salami), the hornazo, lamb meat, rice stew and roasted pork and kid.

The weather is very cold in winter with temperatures below 0 º and strong frosts. At the summer time, temperatures up to 35 ° can be reached.

On June 12th, the patron saint festivities of San Juan de Sahagún are celebrated. Activities are performed such as theatrical performances, sports programs, bullfights and fireworks.

Museums and monuments in Salamanca

• New Cathedral of Salamanca: It was built between the years 1513 and 1733. It has two styles: Late Gothic and Baroque. The idea of building a new cathedral emerged in the 15th century with the result of the increase in the population of the city, mainly due to the university. Although it took more than two centuries in its construction, during almost the seventeenth century the works were paralyzed. Suffered significant damage from the effects of the Lisbon earthquake on November 1, 1755. It was restored by the architect Baltasar Dreveton, leaving the cathedral as it is today.

• Statue of the Lazarillo of Tormes: statue work of the sculptor Salamanca Agustín Casillas in homage to the novel of writer Anonymous "the Lazarillo of Tormes".

• House-Museum Unamuno: Place of residence of the writer Miguel de Unamuno. objects, books, furniture are exposed related to the writer.

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