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León (Spain)

June 24, 2018

León Spain León, is the fascinating capital of the Old Kingdom of León, Spain. Known as an autonomous community divided between Castile and León. Its inhabitants are considered Castilian and Leon respectively.

The city of León, is small, with a rich cultural heritage. You can see how the whole of Europe combines in one place.

Its architecture has a bit of French and Roman, making every corner of the city unmatched, with narrow alleys that serve as a bridge to plazas crammed small and eye-catching bars. The city of León not only presents an architectural spectacle but also shows a gastronomic offer, the tapas being the banner of the city.

And if that's the case, the humid neighborhood is one of the best known resorts in the area. With a medieval impression and rather narrow streets, they welcome a hundred people. It is the place where skewers are called tapas and the beer is usually drunk in shorts (small cups) and if you find yourself here, do not miss visiting the Plaza Mayor, center of many events and meetings (including bullfights) and Plaza de Santa Maria del Camino or Plaza del Grano, which receives this name due to its paved pavement , you to remote times where you would see old floats go by.

Nor can you overlook the Cathedral of León, which, when you pass through its huge doors you feel that to see gold shine, because that is the feeling that gives the view of the cathedral internally, full of precious murals that there are no words that can describe it. It's simply Majestic. This cathedral is the most famous in the city, with its gothic and imposing style, reminds us of something to the Notre Dame Cathedral in France.

On the other hand, you can not miss the Basilica of San Isidoro, which, in fact, is the pantheon of kings, where the remains more than a score of kings rest there. It's a very nice panorama to admire.

If you still have time, visit the House of Boots, a work created by Gaudí and just in front of the building is (seated in a bench) a sculpture of him, so take advantage of taking photos with the same gaudí. The booty House originally this building had been created to use them as housing or warehouse, but in the end it was used as offices.

And yet, I encourage you to visit this place, where people are open and hospitable, with excellent gastronomy, an architecture without equal and corners even to know.

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