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Ireland tourist attractions: the most popular sites in Ireland

Jan 13, 2020

Typical landscape of IrelandThe most frightening task a tourist could have in Ireland is to choose the attractions to visit. "What should I not lose?" is a question that most new travelers ask when they travel to Ireland.

Although there is not a single answer to this question because everyone has their own favorite list, we have found some selected Irish attractions from all over the country. Some of them are very popular and some are less known and unconventional.

Cliffs of Moher: the Cliffs of Moher on the west coast of County Clare is one of Ireland's top tourist attractions. The cliffs are 214m high and extend for 8 kilometers along the Atlantic Ocean. The famous O'Brien tower stands proudly on a magnificent cliff. From the cliff you can see Galway Bay, the historic Aran Islands, the Twelve Pins Mountains south of Connemara and Loop to the south.

Dublin Zoo: located in Phoenix Park, this lush zoo has lots to see and do with the family. Visitors can enjoy the train and picnic exploring the wild creatures. For children, there are also folds of animals.

National Heritage Park of Ireland: travel back in time and admire the 9000 years of Irish history in the Irish Heritage National Park in Wexford. An excellent place for families, this powerfully designed park has attractions for all age groups. You will be fascinated by the ancient Irish tale of Norman's conquerors to the first inhabitants.

Powercourt Park: located in County Wicklow, on the outskirts of Dublin, these elegant and majestic gardens are a treat for the senses. Set amidst the tranquil hills of Wicklow, Powercourt Gardens is one of Europe's most famous parks. The 398-foot waterfall is the highest in Ireland.

Tare Hill: also known as the "Hill of Kings", Tara has witnessed all ages from the Stone Age to the Christian era and is the center of ancient power. The hill is only 500 feet above sea level, but on a clear day you can see each of the four provinces of Celtic.

City of Dublin: the city of Dublin can be explored better aboard one of the many bus routes or even better on foot. The town is relatively small but rich in history and is home to many heritage sites that are worth visiting. This city can keep you occupied for a whole week. It is recommended to avoid the center on weekends, since most of the cities seem to buy here.

Killarney Lake: if you stay close to nature and heritage, Killarney should be what you see. Discover beautiful coastal scenery, beautiful mountain scenery, cultural heritage monuments and the charms of Lake Killarney, as well as palaces and royal houses, this is a decent place for a terrace. Thousands of visitors flock to Killarney, so the best time here is obtainable during the summer.

By taking them all, they will surely present the most beautiful and significant landscapes of the country. This Irish attraction will remain engraved in your memory for life as well as stay in luxury hotels in Ireland, where you will find yourself on a pedestal thanks to hospitality and service.

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