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The Grand Canyon of Colorado

April 19, 2020

Grand Canyon in ArizonaWe move to the United States to move to northern Arizona and reach the Grand Canyon of Colorado, where millions of tourists arrive every year, to receive the unparalleled impact it produces visually. Corresponding to the Grand Canyon National Park and considered a World Heritage Site since 1979, this geological accident was built for thousands of years by the erosion of the waters of the Colorado River and is one of the most important tourist spots of the Americas.

Cannons, gorges and fissures carved into the rocks, towers and plateaus, make up a maze that invites different activities and attractions. With astonishing dimensions, ranging from 29 kilometers wide to 446 kilometers long, the Grand Canyon of Colorado is also in charge of the Havasupai and Hualapai indigenous reserves.

Its most visited part is the South Rim, as it offers the best panoramic views and is some ease of access. To get to this sector there are two paths: almost two hours from Flagstaff or about five hours if the provenance is from Las Vegas. The other variant is to use the Steam-powered Grand Canyon Railway line. There, the Grand Canyon Village provides interesting options when it comes to accommodations, bookstores, gastronomy, museums, souvenirs and guide talks. Meanwhile, the North Rim is generally chosen by lovers of solitude and places where, while the influx of tourism is felt, peace reigns above all.

One of the typical excursions is to descend on foot, or by mule, from the South Rim to the base of the canyon. It lasts approximately two days and means a really wonderful spectacle for walkers. Among the less traditional, experts recommend knowing the uncrowded sites of the Grand Canyon. Some ideas about it: take the sunset tour, visit the prehistoric Indian ruins and the Mormon-born fortress, the Rainbow Bridge, and cactus forests.

Time-in-time visitors can't stop walking through Desert View Drive, a car or bus ride, ideal for a look at the magic and incredible images that this majestic natural phenomenon gives away. Finally, it is good to know that the Grand Canyon allows tourists to bathe in its waterfalls, camp, discover its mythical caverns, travel by raft and even rafting on the Colorado River, features that, in addition to contributing with its well-deserved excellent reputation, make it an absolutely complete destination.

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