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Alhambra of Granada (Spain)

April 6, 2020

Alhambra of Granada In this opportunity, we will visit Granada, in the autonomous region of Andalusia in Spain, to cover one of his principal attractions: The Alhambra.

The Alhambra of Granada, is a medieval walled city, comprising a Palace, a Fortress and countless buildings and monuments.

His name owes to the attractive reddish color, which it characterizes to all his front.

Located in the hill The Sabika, and surrounded by an exuberant forest, with plantations of bananas, chestnuts, elm trees and poplars, this important building, it is declared in the year 1.984 by the Unesco, like Cultural heritage of the Humanity.

We have several alternatives to come up to The Alhambra, be already from the New Square for the Door of the Grenades, or across the Slope of the Chinese at the end of the Walk of the Sad ones; and the trip can be realized in taxi, in car or in public transport, but without doubts, the most pleasant thing, it is to do it on foot, since this way, we will not get lost any detail of this fascinating walk.

Many are the interesting buildings of seeing, in this big palatine city, between which they stand out, the Real Palace, Palace of the Lions, Palace of the Generalife, the Museums of the Palace, the Oratory, Palace of Coseas, the Harem, the Room of the Kings, the Lookout and the Gardens of Daraxa, the Gardens of the Adarves, the Tower of Seven Soils, the Tower of the Checkers, the Door of the Wine and the Square of Weapon.

Occupied in the antiquity for Arab sultans, this majestic monumental set, it is at present, one of most visited of the whole Europe and despite his long history, it remains there, haughty and unbreakable.

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